Posted by: wes | September 15, 2007

First days in Mehran

road-to-mehran5.jpg  road-to-mehran4.jpg   road-to-mehran2.jpg

Well having no internet connection actually cools down my envy of writing this and…….. the Heat….an unbelievable heat; Amilcar, the Surgeon on the mission has an electronic thermometer, that is supposed to be reliable, between 47 to 49 deg. (in the shade) in the day time and 35  to 37 deg. night time…..a nightmare especially with the hot wind….we usually have a permanent and strong wind, that’s when we’re lucky, the other days we are “honored” with sand storms .

Well, I should perhaps start with the beginning: my arrival on the mission.

After taking the plane from Teheran to Kermanshah, I took a car that drove me trough the desolated landscape of the Ilam Iran.

It is quite difficult to describe the mountainous landscape, fascinating and spooky…..I’ll send some picture when I will be able.

Not many cars on the road but trucks: hundreds of trucks going both way carrying goods and petrol, a few check points, army basements, and wrecks of the Iran-Iraq war, dozens of destroyed tanks and war vehicle put on display on the edge of the road….

After 4 hours I finally reach my final destination, a place that will be my home for the next 6 months: the small town of Mehran

The welcome sign is quite intriguing: paintings of Iranian Martyrs from the city fallen during the fall. Some of the picture depicts the scene of action(death) ,some shows the martyr with his fallen friends or alone, sometimes taking the pause , sometimes painted dead….

The story is mostly that during the war Iranians less well equipped but much more were sending “volunteers” for different missions…. well the story of the war and its painting deserve another article with picture….so be patient

I’ll have plenty of time to talk about the town as well as it’s specific population (Kurds, Shiaa Iraqi, Iranian, and Lors)

At last, in the middle of nowhere, our house, home sweet home it might be a palace but …….



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