Posted by: wes | September 15, 2007

Saleh abad

Today we went in an amazing place close to Mehran, and although everything around is desert the place was incredibly green and cool…at last some of fresh air

.triptosalaadeh14.jpg triptosalaadeh2.jpg  triptosalaadeh12.jpg   triptosalaadeh1.jpg  triptosalaadeh13.jpg   triptosalaadeh7.jpg triptosalaadeh11.jpg 


  1. It is crazy to see Iran all green.A surprizing difference between that and view from your window.Hope youll have enough possibilities to visit the country to see what is beyond the ”forbitten” Iran.
    Impatient for information about population, especially Lors.Keep as posted.
    Your Lilo
    P.S. Kisses from Armenian colleagues

  2. salut j’éspère que ce site m’autorise a écrire en français…. tes photos sont incroyable je n imaginais pas l iran comme ça c est vraiment impressionant. par contre cette vue de ta terrasse ne donne pas franchement envie d y rester des heures… impatiente de voire plus de photo a bientot…
    ta soeur

  3. well happy to see that you are actually posting some comments, well this part of the region I am in is really really tiny the rest of the province is f***ing hot

    And yes Emily you can write in French……as long as you write 🙂

  4. […] is working in Iran for MSF, telling as much as possible about his job overthere, and posting as much pictures as […]

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