Posted by: wes | October 1, 2007


Well as you already know a lot of things are forbidden….what I didn’t know is that I am spied…..yep not a joke , phone calls are monitored as well as all the moves done during the mission…..thanks well at least I feel safe…..or do I ? well any way the other day I cross…..I mean:I went to my neighbour to have some coffee and next time our dear neighbour will invite us to a city in the triangle and the will go the the big hot city hoping the Mr SAM or his friend (or opponent) will not have the good idea to participate to the barbecue….well if you didn’t get the message it doesn’t matter see you


  1. Well, I hope they didnt monitor some personal phone calls… Otherwise it will be very dangerous for me to visist Iran. I dont want to be beaten up with stones to death for non appropriate talks for a woman …

  2. hello dear brother juste to say hello and to say that i will soon give DVD’s to lilo I asked a friend of mine to do a little selection of films and series hope you like : les expert and gost whisperer and for the films he is putting a little bit of everything like : l effet papillon 1 et 2 some comics to and 6 other films I don’t know….see you soon kisses your sister

  3. […] friend William is working in Iran for MSF, telling as much as possible about his job overthere, and posting as much pictures as […]

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