Posted by: wes | October 4, 2007

Good news for my work

Howdy ,

after having finally singned the agreement with the ministry of health, our counterpart from Iraq are ready to send us patients, 40 ambulances from the nearest city are ready to move towards the boarder if the checkpoints can be past .
According to a military official there shouldn’t be any probleme ….excepte that only one border remains open after an incident with american ( well one, with american the other is an excuse: a important Iranian official has been taken to custody…or kidnapped by american in Iraq the second this is cholera that burst in diffrent region of Iraq)talking about this we offered our help in case the Iraqis needs help….so lets helps…
well lets go to the essentiall basically everybody is agreeing on the necessity of the project and both sides are ready, Iraqi doctors especially, the only intergation point are the americans…it seems that they can decide to cloe the roads when they want to who they want including ambulances …. and Iraqi army and police have absolutely no controle on that.
We were discussing with an ambulance driver that told us that last week a check point was established and no one could pass, he had an emergency, a patient that was supposed to be referred to the capital, so after having driven an hour , he was obliged to go south (500 km) to Basra….imagine the state of the patient…emergency aye? americans are respecful about Iraquis needs ? Iraqis authorities ?

just for your information from Al Kut to Baghdad there are 15 checkpoints that can be closed at any moment !!!!


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